Monday, 9 April 2012


Hey all! 
This is what i wore out on Saturday night to a club that i absolutely adore, with the best Dj's in town!
lets just say its  not too chic or lavish i would say more underground/grunge!
To this type of night i would wear something more casual but dressy which suits me fine!
I don't feel as comfortable too dressed up i find it really difficult to dress for occasions like weddings than i do for clubs/pubs.

So this is what i wore..

I have had these Disco pants for over a year now, i absolutely love them! I have went on and off them for a year, currently i  am on them.
One of  problems with these is the quality, its really poor for them being £70  this is my third pair as they keep fraying at the bum(not an attractive look) so i have took them back to American apparel twice and the guy said its a common problem, phew.. not my big booty that  burst them after all.
I just cant do with out   these in my life just now, this problem isn't enough for me to ask for my money back and give them up, so off i went with my third pair in hand.

As much as i love them i have noticed they are becoming very popular in Glasgow so i am not sure how long i will wear them to nights out. I don't really like following trends as such so i would feel uncomfortable if i was in a club and every second girl had them on.
They will probably become my work trousers after a good summer wear out of  them!
Top:American apparel
Shoes:Urban outfitters
Trousers:American apparel
Hand harness:Asos