Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jamie High Waisted honeys!!

Just bought these high waisted acid wash jeans from topshop i am in love with them!!! They are so comfortable for a pair of jeans.
I have been looking for a pair of high waisted jeans for a while as i had a pair last year but the where no way as nice as these i think these are great for lazy wear as well as disco wear. Because these jeans are high waisted the things that you can wear with them are just endless!

Top-urban outfitters
Belt-vintage shop
cuff-urban outfitters

These shoes are from primark either £10 0r £12 i cant remember as i got them in March but they were definitely no more that £12. I have had them on at every chance i have had, they are so comfy.

Another bargain buy from Topshop
This lovely bag was £80 reduced to £40
I took this to a festival this year and kinda ruined it a little but now i think it gives it more of a vintage feel,well thats my exuse to me for ruining it after my first use of it.

Topshop Bargain boots!!

Some picture of the £10 Topshop boots as promised as you couldn't see them properly in the picture posted.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dress> Topshop

This dress is my latest buy from Topshop I am in love with it!!
These boots were a bargain buy from Topshop at only £10
What a steal!!!!


Wedding Glory!

Here are some wedding pictures as promised!
What a beautiful morning, 'Perfect wedding weather'

This one was put up with a 'doughnut' you can buy them in boots or sally's hair & beauty.
This was great for this girls hair as she has lots of thick heavy hair and no way it would hold with just kirbee grips. Its also a quicker and easier way to achieve
your 'Top knot bun'

bridesmaid 2
This was also put up with a 'doughnut' this one was smaller because the bridesmaid had fine hair,this was able to give her the volume at the top as this would have been difficult to achieve this look without the doughnut it is achievable but it wouldn't look as good.

bridesmaid 3
This bridesmaid went for something different, all it involved was backing and kirbees no doughnut.
excuse the roller in the front of the hair she didnt take it out till just before she left.

The Bride!!
This was a delight to do this brides hair she is a regular client to my salon and has been for many years, so it was a very exciting wedding for me to get to do.

This style was quite different for a bride
Its a version of the 'top knot' without the doughnut this girl has really long, thick and luxurious hair so it was really easy to style. It involved back combing then putting the hair up very high in a bobble and just working the hair round and tucking it under with kirbee grips. va va voom done!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Birthday boys night out!

Some picture of the birthday night out since i have mentioned my boyfreinds birthday a few times on here,only fair to show some pictures.
We went out for a lovely meal followed by cocktails in 'Glasgow Tiki bar' which does amazing cocktails.
Was a bit worse for wear yesterday to say the least. All worth it at the time!

Dressing for the occasion

This is what i wore to the wedding to do the hair! didnt want to go to dressy as i wasnt going to the wedding i just wanted to be smart and presentable.

Shorts:urban outfitter/vintage section
bag:bought off a market in Thailand
cuff:urban outfitters



Hi everyone, just a wee insight to what I do in addition to working in the salon. As it is coming up to ‘WEDDING SEASON’ my diary is booming with bookings for weddings. I travel to the wedding venues to do my clients wedding hair as it would be too much of a rush to come into the salon get there hair done, make-up done then get ready.

This is an advantage for me, as I get to go out to the venue on the morning of the wedding to prepare the wedding parties hair. It really is a good feeling as it is always a really happy day for the bride & bridesmaids. I always come away feeling elated that I have contributed to that happy feeling on the most important day of their life.

The night before the wedding I always do my research on the venue to get directions so I don’t get lost. (I really should invest in a sat nav)
As I googled the venue I got a chance to see directions and the hotel, I was blown away by the venue as it was absolutely breathtaking inside and out. That was me all excited already as it’s a really great opportunity to see all different hotels (with the best room in the house) ‘the honeymoon suite’ without having to spend the money to stay there. Scotland does really have some beautiful hotels and scenery !

Although I loved the venue I don’t really think I could afford to spend a night there as I got room service while I was waiting on their make-up getting done, I got a chicken sandwich with chips I was flabbergasted at the price, £21.50 Gulp! That was the most expensive sandwich I have ever purchased in my life.
My very generous client picked up the bill for me, what a lovely girl!

Work done-bride & bridesmaids looking fab! The weather started to pick up and the sun’s starting to shine its way through what a perfect end to blissful wedding morning, now time for them to get married and have the best day of their lives!
Time for me to go home and take my lovely boyfriend out for his birthday dinner!!

More weddings to follow!

Wedding venue: Turnberry resort, Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Today i have woke up with T in the park blues with having already been on my holiday this year to Thailand i am hungry for some more holiday action!! As it is my boyfriends birthday on monday what more could be the perfect birthday present?? One week in the city of Berlin. What could be better than new places to see, new food to try, new hotels to explore and most impotantly NEW SHOPS TO STALK! With me being self employed i absolutley work evey hour of the day/night before i go away either on a weekend break or a big holiday so i can fit all my clients in needing there hair done before i jet off.  When the time comes i am running around like a nutter trying to get all my last minute bits and bobs. Does that ever happen to anyone else? You have booked a holiday, you know months in advance and you leave it to the tiny last hours of the day before. I have always done this i really should get an organsiation system in order, but i kinda dont feel like its a holiday unless i leave it to the last week/day. Oh well old habits die hard!

I am  a music lover and love my djs so i will most definitely be visiting some of Berlins club scene as well as its beautiful architecture,brandenburg gate, Berlin wall (whats left of it) photos to follow, I dont leave unntil August but can you tell I am a tad excited?!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Festival Flower

Hi everyone thought i would put a post on " festival wear" i am a happy camper and i do get really excited about my annual T in the park. So there it is coming up to july the festival month!! OH NO!! WHAT WILL I WEAR!??They are usually the thoughts poping in to my head but this year i wasn't to bothered and wasnt stessing about rain or shine so i decided to go for shorts and a top if it was sunny and legging and a crop top if it rained, well i really did get the wellie boot day mixed up i wore the wellies on the sunny day and thought oh well no wellies tomorrow as it looked as if it was a wee quick shower also my boots looked better with my leggings.

well what a mess the ground was after non stop rain, immediately i thought(BAD IDEA)As soon as i was in i forgot all about my feet,paying for it now tho! I still had an absoulte ball!!
Here is my festival wear come rain or shine!