Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Festival Flower

Hi everyone thought i would put a post on " festival wear" i am a happy camper and i do get really excited about my annual T in the park. So there it is coming up to july the festival month!! OH NO!! WHAT WILL I WEAR!??They are usually the thoughts poping in to my head but this year i wasn't to bothered and wasnt stessing about rain or shine so i decided to go for shorts and a top if it was sunny and legging and a crop top if it rained, well i really did get the wellie boot day mixed up i wore the wellies on the sunny day and thought oh well no wellies tomorrow as it looked as if it was a wee quick shower also my boots looked better with my leggings.

well what a mess the ground was after non stop rain, immediately i thought(BAD IDEA)As soon as i was in i forgot all about my feet,paying for it now tho! I still had an absoulte ball!!
Here is my festival wear come rain or shine!

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