Monday, 18 July 2011



Hi everyone, just a wee insight to what I do in addition to working in the salon. As it is coming up to ‘WEDDING SEASON’ my diary is booming with bookings for weddings. I travel to the wedding venues to do my clients wedding hair as it would be too much of a rush to come into the salon get there hair done, make-up done then get ready.

This is an advantage for me, as I get to go out to the venue on the morning of the wedding to prepare the wedding parties hair. It really is a good feeling as it is always a really happy day for the bride & bridesmaids. I always come away feeling elated that I have contributed to that happy feeling on the most important day of their life.

The night before the wedding I always do my research on the venue to get directions so I don’t get lost. (I really should invest in a sat nav)
As I googled the venue I got a chance to see directions and the hotel, I was blown away by the venue as it was absolutely breathtaking inside and out. That was me all excited already as it’s a really great opportunity to see all different hotels (with the best room in the house) ‘the honeymoon suite’ without having to spend the money to stay there. Scotland does really have some beautiful hotels and scenery !

Although I loved the venue I don’t really think I could afford to spend a night there as I got room service while I was waiting on their make-up getting done, I got a chicken sandwich with chips I was flabbergasted at the price, £21.50 Gulp! That was the most expensive sandwich I have ever purchased in my life.
My very generous client picked up the bill for me, what a lovely girl!

Work done-bride & bridesmaids looking fab! The weather started to pick up and the sun’s starting to shine its way through what a perfect end to blissful wedding morning, now time for them to get married and have the best day of their lives!
Time for me to go home and take my lovely boyfriend out for his birthday dinner!!

More weddings to follow!

Wedding venue: Turnberry resort, Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland

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