Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wedding Glory!

Here are some wedding pictures as promised!
What a beautiful morning, 'Perfect wedding weather'

This one was put up with a 'doughnut' you can buy them in boots or sally's hair & beauty.
This was great for this girls hair as she has lots of thick heavy hair and no way it would hold with just kirbee grips. Its also a quicker and easier way to achieve
your 'Top knot bun'

bridesmaid 2
This was also put up with a 'doughnut' this one was smaller because the bridesmaid had fine hair,this was able to give her the volume at the top as this would have been difficult to achieve this look without the doughnut it is achievable but it wouldn't look as good.

bridesmaid 3
This bridesmaid went for something different, all it involved was backing and kirbees no doughnut.
excuse the roller in the front of the hair she didnt take it out till just before she left.

The Bride!!
This was a delight to do this brides hair she is a regular client to my salon and has been for many years, so it was a very exciting wedding for me to get to do.

This style was quite different for a bride
Its a version of the 'top knot' without the doughnut this girl has really long, thick and luxurious hair so it was really easy to style. It involved back combing then putting the hair up very high in a bobble and just working the hair round and tucking it under with kirbee grips. va va voom done!!


  1. They all look beautiful! I love the doughnut I brought, I too have thick and heavy hair and its so easy and quick to put in.

    Lovely blog btw :)


  2. Hey A pinch of sparkle, thanks for your lovely comment.
    So many people are wearing there hair like this now may as well have a helping hand if you dont have the hair for it.