Thursday, 14 July 2011


Today i have woke up with T in the park blues with having already been on my holiday this year to Thailand i am hungry for some more holiday action!! As it is my boyfriends birthday on monday what more could be the perfect birthday present?? One week in the city of Berlin. What could be better than new places to see, new food to try, new hotels to explore and most impotantly NEW SHOPS TO STALK! With me being self employed i absolutley work evey hour of the day/night before i go away either on a weekend break or a big holiday so i can fit all my clients in needing there hair done before i jet off.  When the time comes i am running around like a nutter trying to get all my last minute bits and bobs. Does that ever happen to anyone else? You have booked a holiday, you know months in advance and you leave it to the tiny last hours of the day before. I have always done this i really should get an organsiation system in order, but i kinda dont feel like its a holiday unless i leave it to the last week/day. Oh well old habits die hard!

I am  a music lover and love my djs so i will most definitely be visiting some of Berlins club scene as well as its beautiful architecture,brandenburg gate, Berlin wall (whats left of it) photos to follow, I dont leave unntil August but can you tell I am a tad excited?!

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