Friday, 4 May 2012

Little black dress

Yo fellow bloggers!

I wanted to share this new dress i bought from Asos for only £18!!
What a beautiful bargain and not a sale item, even better!
I absolutely adore this dress it's just so glam on, the material just hangs perfectly on my body shape.
I cant wait to wear this out next weekend with my tan,hair & makeup  all done!

I got this bag from a market in Bangkok along with this other bag in the picture below.
The bag in the top picture has a Navajo feel to it!
I have had them for a year now and the things that goes with these are endless, i just cant get any other bags to  live up to them both.
They are also the best quality bags i have bought for £20 each
Top:American apparel
skirt:Urban outfitters
Boots:New look

 Bag:Thailand market
 Boots:Urban outfitters

Monday, 9 April 2012


Hey all! 
This is what i wore out on Saturday night to a club that i absolutely adore, with the best Dj's in town!
lets just say its  not too chic or lavish i would say more underground/grunge!
To this type of night i would wear something more casual but dressy which suits me fine!
I don't feel as comfortable too dressed up i find it really difficult to dress for occasions like weddings than i do for clubs/pubs.

So this is what i wore..

I have had these Disco pants for over a year now, i absolutely love them! I have went on and off them for a year, currently i  am on them.
One of  problems with these is the quality, its really poor for them being £70  this is my third pair as they keep fraying at the bum(not an attractive look) so i have took them back to American apparel twice and the guy said its a common problem, phew.. not my big booty that  burst them after all.
I just cant do with out   these in my life just now, this problem isn't enough for me to ask for my money back and give them up, so off i went with my third pair in hand.

As much as i love them i have noticed they are becoming very popular in Glasgow so i am not sure how long i will wear them to nights out. I don't really like following trends as such so i would feel uncomfortable if i was in a club and every second girl had them on.
They will probably become my work trousers after a good summer wear out of  them!
Top:American apparel
Shoes:Urban outfitters
Trousers:American apparel
Hand harness:Asos

Monday, 2 April 2012


Hi guys hope you are all good!

This post is on what i am thinking of wearing to ' Monegros desert festival' in July, bit early but this top  has sold out rapidly from Topshop which is a potential top for this festival and i knew if i didn't get it i would be pining  after it all summer.

I look a bit serious in these pictures ha ha! I never know how to use my face for pictures!
Also excuse the for everlasting  cold sore i have under my nose,lack of makeup shows it off perfect! oops!

I am so excited about this festival because i wont have to wear wellies because it is in Spain! YAY!! result!!
So i bought these boots from Topshop because it is in the Desert so i will have to protect my feet some way i doubt sandals will be appropriate for this!

These boots are from Topshop for £38 which i think are quite pricey for what they are but i will get a lot of wear out of them up in till the festival then after i might be able to rescue them.
We will see.....

Festival essentials although i think my bag may be too small as the temperature drops dramatically at night and i will need warmer clothes since the festival is on for 24hrs i need to get warm at night then strip back  to this for sunrise so i will need an attractive easy to carry,easy to access bag all rolled in to one if this is possible?   suggestions welcome please.

These sunglasses are stolen from my boyfriend.

Bag-Urban outfitters vintage section
Sun glasses-Topman
Shorts-Levis:Urban outfitters

Now lets hope Spain doesn't have freak weather conditions in July......

Monday, 5 March 2012


Hi everyone, sorry i haven't blogged in  few weeks been really busy with work its all been about.

This is what i wore to my 'dinner date' with my boyfriend. sounds so scheduled doesn't it? matter of fact he just wanted to treat me to a lovely meal! so this is what i decided to wear for the occasion.



Sunday, 29 January 2012


   Another sale pair of shoes in the bag at a bargain price of £20

                    Urban Outfitters-Denna&Ozzy
                  These hotties will set me up for sunny days!

Monday, 16 January 2012


This is what i wore to my sisters birthday, love this new shirt, its from ASOS.
It only arrived two days ago wasn't quite sure about the neck didn't expect it to be just as spiky  but when i tried it on i loved it, it just sits so lovely on and the material is amazing this will probably be a work shirt now i have wore it out once this is what tends to happen with my clothes because i feel being in the hairdressing industry and working with the public you have to look your best and professional as well as feeling quite nice, don't get me wrong i do have lazy days with what i wear to work depending on the mood but i don't feel great when my refection in the mirror is staring back at me for 12 hours (not a pretty sight)
so i try to  dress up more for my work but on my days off its  lazy clothes no makeup (if i am not going on a night out) It feels great because i have been dressed up all week.

This shirt is completely see through so i wore a little lace bandeau  bra teamed with high waisted jeans as it was only a house party.
I can wear this with lots of my other  clothes like shorts, pencil skirt, maxi skirt over a maxi dress endless really  i wore it up in a knot at the front with back hanging down just wasn't quite me all down plus i wanted to show off my high waisted jeans at the front it looked quite cool, i will definitely be wearing a  top underneath to work as i don't think i could cut peoples hair with my lace bandeau bra showing could you imagine the looks i would get? keep that for the dance floor!

I wish i took a full length picture to show the whole outfit but i was in a real hurry so i have took a picture of what i wore with it.

                                              High waisted jean- American apparel
                                              Bag-vintage urban outfitters
                                              Shoes-urban outfitters
This picture doesn't give the jeans justice but they are amazing on really comfortable soft jeans that go with any shoes because they are really slim fitting on.

Thanks for reading my blog  much appreciated.
Shoe blog to follow........

Sunday, 15 January 2012


New shoes!!!
I am begining to think i am obsessed with shoes, i bought these new Kurt Geiger boots in ASOS sale ,i have been looking for a pair of boots like these for a while but anything i have seen just haven't quite fitted the bill.
These beauty's were reduced from £180-£80 sold!! straight in the basket!

                                                                 KG from ASOS

Now by looking at these you would think they were comfortable, right? well think again i wore them to my work and after 2 hours i had to take them off but if i remember right all my hard leather boots i have purchased in the past have been the same then they end up being so comfortable in the end,its just a painful job.
I prefer my boots looking a bit worn and tired i don't really like boots like these looking new on my feet.
If anyone has any good tips on how to make this painful process quicker then your wonderful advice would be much appreciated for my poorly tootsies.