Sunday, 15 January 2012


New shoes!!!
I am begining to think i am obsessed with shoes, i bought these new Kurt Geiger boots in ASOS sale ,i have been looking for a pair of boots like these for a while but anything i have seen just haven't quite fitted the bill.
These beauty's were reduced from £180-£80 sold!! straight in the basket!

                                                                 KG from ASOS

Now by looking at these you would think they were comfortable, right? well think again i wore them to my work and after 2 hours i had to take them off but if i remember right all my hard leather boots i have purchased in the past have been the same then they end up being so comfortable in the end,its just a painful job.
I prefer my boots looking a bit worn and tired i don't really like boots like these looking new on my feet.
If anyone has any good tips on how to make this painful process quicker then your wonderful advice would be much appreciated for my poorly tootsies.


  1. I love the shoes! You have really great taste :) great blog too!