Monday, 9 January 2012

These boots are made for walking!!!!!

I love these boots so much they are real disco boots, i would love to wear these to work because they go with everything, they are not too dressy. Unfortunately i stand all day so that's a big  NO NO! 
                                                        Boots - Urban Outfitters

I got these as a  Christmas gift  from my boyfriend, sadly they went in to the "January Sales" although i never bought them i did still feel the pain of the price drop.
Next time i will be waiting on the next sales to buy my purchases because this has happened to me lots recently with boots out of Urban outfitters but when i want something and i have the funds i have to have it, within reason of course!

My prop is my new light for my living room i just couldn't resist putting it in as i got it the same day i took pictures for my blog!

May look silly but i am in love with it at the moment!


  1. They seems so comfy and cute!

  2. they are so lovely. urban outfitters shoes are just fab in general haha! x