Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I feel as of late i am in a hair rut!! Its so easy to just tie my hair up at the top of my head in a  'Top knot'
I find it goes with almost anything i wear,its varies from large to small to being not too tall,but always messy i really don't suit my hair too perfect.
This is my day to day style,so i decided to try a new look just to try and get out this rut because as being a hairdresser i can do almost anything with my hair i just cant get out this 'Top knot rut'  To be honest i think the top knot is here to stay as i have done this style lots  in the salon lately,really popular with wedding hair & party nights out.

So i tried a new style and i have to say i still like my top bun, this look might pop in to my day to day style as its just as easy.

This is just a low bun tied  in a bobble above my neck line my heavy fringe is just tucked behind my ear,so easy. may stay may not!

Sorry about the smudged lips!

Another shoe blog to follow......


  1. I think your hair looks amazing like this! It's one of the best casually-coiffed looks I've seen!

    H x


  2. ive just found your blog! your hair is amazing like i am totally jealous ;) xx

    1. Thanks girls, its always the same with your own hair you never like it as much as someone elses.

  3. simply adore your messy top bun!!!
    i wish mine looked like that!