Monday, 16 January 2012


This is what i wore to my sisters birthday, love this new shirt, its from ASOS.
It only arrived two days ago wasn't quite sure about the neck didn't expect it to be just as spiky  but when i tried it on i loved it, it just sits so lovely on and the material is amazing this will probably be a work shirt now i have wore it out once this is what tends to happen with my clothes because i feel being in the hairdressing industry and working with the public you have to look your best and professional as well as feeling quite nice, don't get me wrong i do have lazy days with what i wear to work depending on the mood but i don't feel great when my refection in the mirror is staring back at me for 12 hours (not a pretty sight)
so i try to  dress up more for my work but on my days off its  lazy clothes no makeup (if i am not going on a night out) It feels great because i have been dressed up all week.

This shirt is completely see through so i wore a little lace bandeau  bra teamed with high waisted jeans as it was only a house party.
I can wear this with lots of my other  clothes like shorts, pencil skirt, maxi skirt over a maxi dress endless really  i wore it up in a knot at the front with back hanging down just wasn't quite me all down plus i wanted to show off my high waisted jeans at the front it looked quite cool, i will definitely be wearing a  top underneath to work as i don't think i could cut peoples hair with my lace bandeau bra showing could you imagine the looks i would get? keep that for the dance floor!

I wish i took a full length picture to show the whole outfit but i was in a real hurry so i have took a picture of what i wore with it.

                                              High waisted jean- American apparel
                                              Bag-vintage urban outfitters
                                              Shoes-urban outfitters
This picture doesn't give the jeans justice but they are amazing on really comfortable soft jeans that go with any shoes because they are really slim fitting on.

Thanks for reading my blog  much appreciated.
Shoe blog to follow........


  1. Thank you for following me , now following you! :)

    Lovely blog, I look forward to reading all your posts! :)


  2. The top is amazing and like your blog <3

  3. Love love love that shirt!


  4. Thanks girlies, think they might still have it on the website.

  5. That ASOS shirt is amazing!!! Love the stud detail. :)

    Jen x

  6. I love the shirt, and wow those shoes... I can't find them at Urban Outfitter anywhere, but I would love to add those to my collection!

    1. Thanks, they went in to the urban outfitters sale in January they sold out really quick, I would keep checking incase someone returns them.

    2. love the studs and the sheer fabric with cut out shoulders - ASOS is the best! X

  7. I love that blouse! Very cool!
    i'm following you!

  8. Love the shirt. It looks beauts on :) xoxo

  9. That shirt looks stunning on you, you're very pretty! XxX

  10. I'm in love with your shirt!

  11. the shirt it s just amazing ,i love it so much

  12. Amazing. I love your blog and i adore your shirt its perfect,Love x

  13. that shirt is amazing,i love studs (: